The 7th through 9th annual World Golfers Championships were hosted by Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, truly one of our favorite places. This is one place you must experience!

Casa de Campo on the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise renowned for its world-class accommodations, tropical climate and deep blue Caribbean water. It offers three amazing courses:

The Teeth of the Dog was at the time ranked 27th in the world by Golf Magazine, #1 course in the Caribbean! With spectacular views of peninsula and 8 fantastic holes right on the ocean.

“The opportunity to carve out Teeth of the Dog was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Pete Dye wrote in his book, Bury Me In a Pot Bunker. “Without proper heavy machinery to crack the coral, the tireless Dominican crew used sledgehammers, pickaxes and chisels.” The result was a true masterpiece!

Tricky shots such as a devilish dogleg and signature Dye obstacles captivate the world´s best. Toss-in trade winds courtesy of Mother Nature and “seven holes created by God,” said Dye, who lays claim to creating only the other eleven, and you discover the magnetic force of this amazing course.

But beware… if you dare to challenge the Dog, “at some point in your game, this Dog WILL bite you… guaranteed,” chuckles Gilles Gagnon, Director of Golf at Casa de Campo.

The Links at Casa de Campo
The beautiful inland Links course at Casa de Campo may not seem as exciting or challenging as its sea-side and cliff-hugging siblings, but don´t be deceived.

The Links is interior on the Resort property with spectacular views of the Caribbean and the Resort. Its moderately hilly track, with tall bahia and guinea grass roughs plus multiple sand traps keep you on your toes. Thought by some to be reminiscent of traditional British and Scottish courses, there are several lagoons and even lakes with wading birds. There are five holes where water comes into play on this course making it a challenge unto itself.

Ask any golfer who has played The Links and you will hear that this course is equally as challenging as the Teeth. It´s a demanding, merciless course for the unwary, with water coming into play on five holes.

The Dye Fore at Casa de CampoDye Fore awards the golfers with 18 picturesque holes with two of the greatest par three holes in the world. This new addition to the Casa de Campo golf triad is said to rival the Teeth of the Dog. We wish to thank Casa de Campo for three wonderful years and hope to return in the future!

2001-2003 World Champions
2003 WGC and WGI Team Champions
WGC: Poland: Piotr Robelek, Michael Kasprowicz, Boguslaw Bil Krzysztof Gradecki, Beata Szmidt
WGI: USA, Barnes Industrial: Isreal Barnes, Rick Barnes

2002 WGC and WGI Team Champions
WGC: Dominican Republic: Manual Ovalle, Ricardo Ramirez, Juan Cohen, Hector Herrera, Miguel Feris
WGI: POL Binowo: Witold Grzesiak, Maciej Guzowski

2001 WGC Team Champions
WGI: USA, SE Tilt/Catamount: Bill Clifton, S Reynolds

2003 WGC Individual Champions
Flight 0-5 Piotr Robelek, Poland
Flight 6-10 Jose Almanzar, Caribbean
Flight 11-15 Michael Kasprowicz, Poland
Flight 16-20 Tomas Marcok, Slovakia
Flight 21-25 Roland F Vean Kieong, Malaysia

2003 WGI Individual Champions
Flight 0-5 Björn Wilhelmsson, TumbaMix I
Flight 6-10 Andreas Adami, Team Vienna 2
Flight 11-15 Alfred Offner, Team Vienna 4
Flight 16-20 Israel Barnes, Barnes Industrial
Flight 21-25 Petra Mierzinsky, Team Spirit
Flight 26-36 Fabio Jorge, R18 Eventos Esportivs

2002 WGC Individual Champions
Flight 0-5 Alexander Holtz, Brazil
Flight 6-10 Ricardo Ramirez, Dominican Rep.
Flight 11-15 Manuel Ovalle, Dominican Republic
Flight 16-20 Merrilee Bailey, USA
Flight 21-25 Luiz Ferraz Sampaio, Brazil

2002 WGI Individual Champions
Flight 0-5 James Deas, United Kingdom
Flight 6-10 Mats Ahlen, Offentliga Jobb
Flight 11-15 Elisabeth Bonati, France
Flight 16-20 Jan Meijer, Team Consultus
Flight 21-25 Jamal Bin Noruddin, Star Cruises
Flight 26-36 Maciej Guzowski, Binowo Park

2001 WGC Individual Champions
Flight 0-5 Bill Carey, Poland
Flight 6-10 Daryl Dunckel, USA
Flight 11-15 Piotr Robelek, Poland
Flight 16-20 Scott Reynolds, USA
Flight 21-25 Bill Clifton, USA
Flight 26-30 Josef Frankhauser, Austria
Flight 31-36 Karl Egger, Austria